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Adios June, Aloha July!!!

What can I say? Somehow June seems to have had an abundance of family time and less work. I’ve enjoyed it. Not to negate the work that was done, but work is always there (for the most part). I’m definitely ready for July though . . . maybe not the extra added heat that usually accompanies this month, but I love starting anew, and that is what this new month provides for me. Work will definitely amp up this month as I prepare for the MAGIC show, line revisions and completions. I can’t wait to share some of the new bags with you. Right now they are in the process of being transformed from paper to real life. It’s like I am in the beginning stages of labor!!! -The part where you are like “OMG, I think I’m in labor!” (Not the agonizing drop-to-the-floor-scream-out-your-husband’s-name-and-curse-the-day-you-met kind of labor). Anyway, My plate is still piled high for today. I am looking forward to the breather that comes with completion of projects. Enjoy this last day of June, and prepare to embrace the future that is JULY!!! xo


I’m Already Down 1 1/2 Cups . . .

Starting off my day a little late this morning. Took a while to pull away from the kiddies. Yet that has not stopped my coffee intake. In fact I think it has contributed to an overindulgence. Lots on my plate today. I am finishing up some sketches for a fun project that is due tomorrow . . .  And those “beloved” tech packs are still hanging over my head. One day I will learn not to push those things that are not fun off till the last minute . . . . or will I? It’s been 40 years of this, so maybe I am set in my ways on this one. The beauty of it is that it always gets done before the deadline. Anyway, Happy Friday guys!!! July is almost upon us. Time is marching on!!! Soak up your day and radiate its beauty! xo

Mood Board Mondays: Meetings, Networking & Social Anxiety

This is the year of movement for myself and my business. Movement is a good thing. It energizes, refreshes, and exposes you to new ideas, people and places. I thank God for the ability to do the things He is placing before me, and I find myself leaning on Him to help me to do these things. As much as I am thankful for these opportunities, constant social immersion goes against my core natural tendencies. Next month, I will be attending a minimum of one industry event per week. (this is way above average for me). I have probably mentioned before that I am much more comfortable behind the scenes. But I know that the only way to grow my self and my business, is to step outside of my comfort zone, and for me, that means networking and attending industry events. -But not just attending them as I have in the past, (standing in the background, and hoping no one would notice me, or being grateful when someone did notice me and strike up a conversation). This year I am attending events and standing in my authority! I guess I am using you guys as my accountability partners.  By sharing my intent with you, I know that I have to bring it, because I stated that I would, and I am generally not one to go back on my word! I know that God has placed me in the position to carry out the tasks it takes to achieve the dream He has placed within me. I also know that He would not have blessed me with the relentless, burning desire to manifest this dream as a reality if He did not think I could actually do it (with His help, of course). Therefore, I will continue to push through the constraints of my natural tendencies, by refusing to let them control me. I will face my fears, and walk boldly into my future. (Thank you for walking with me :))

What fears do you find yourself facing in your daily life?

Dream Sharing . . .

I am sharing this image because I think it is important to keep our dreams in front of us. I also think it is important, and necessary, to speak our desires into being.  I came across this picture this morning, and for me, it represents what I want my corporate offices to look like. When I visualize the future of my company, I see a tranquil building, quite similar to this one. I see women, and men, coming to work, happy to be there, and ready to work together at a company who sees the value in it’s employees. I see a team of people building and working together, laughing, learning and creating beautiful things for the world to enjoy.

How do you see your future?

Image via archdaily.com