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Fine Dining . . .

A view I will one day have from my very own dining room table . . . or kitchen window . . . or bedroom window . . . or living room terrace . . . or all of the above!!! ☺ via

Have a wonderful weekend & keep walking toward your dreams!! xo


A Jewel of a Bathroom . . . LOVE!!!

Simply GORGEOUS!!!!!


Love. Love. Love. Love. Love.

In my mind, I am sitting here drinking my coffee and perusing the latest Architectural Digest. There is a humming bird and a blue jay outside the window that keep beckoning me to come down to the lake for a morning swim . . . .


At One with Nature . . .

If this bathroom was a room in my home I would probably need to be pried out of the tub on a daily basis . . . I might never interact with civilization again!

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People Who Live in Glass Houses . . .



My Other Home is . . . . A Penthouse in the City

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Easy, Breezy, Beautiful . . .

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Crisp and Clean With No Caffeine . . .

Image courtesy of Jason Mowen Gallery