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Instantaneous Obsession: Kal Barteski iphone Covers!!!

So, many of you know I am a huge fan of the amazing artist Kal Barteski. Well, in my hiatus and total immersion of developing this line, I have not had time to check out my fav blogs. I finally revisited my bloglovin page and found that Kal has created some amazing iphone covers with her beautiful script fonts!! There are many wonderful ones to choose from. Unfortunately, I had just purchased a case that I am currently loving from Nordstrom, featuring pretty watercolor artwork of penguins, so I really did not need another case. However, I love Kal’s work and it is very important to me to support other artists that bless us with the beauty of their work and inspire me on the day-to-day. So, I purchased. I chose the case that spoke to me where I am right now, “Be in the Moment.” I had a really hard time selecting, but since I had just purchased a colorful cover, I thought a sleek black & white case would fit the bill. I would love to order more, the “Love” case is still calling my name, and the golden-yellow of the “Make Love Your Motto” case is perfect for summer!! Please check out this link for more info on purchasing one of these beautiful cases. Kal makes no money from the sales of these cases, and neither do I. Just tryin’ to spread the beauty!!


Brian Atwood African Satin Fringed Crochet Sandals . . . I Likey.

Brian Atwood’s fringed crochet sandals are exquisite! I would love to add these to my wardrobe. I can just imagine the way the fringe moves when you walk. Sexy. And. Elegant.

Purchase here.

Impractically Pretty . . .

For all it’s understated beauty and classic simplicity, this succulent wedge is probably the most impractical shoe I have posted as of yet. (I am classifying yesterday’s wooden wedge as artwork, not footwork). I love the crispness of this shoe, as well as it’s shape and the beautiful detail of the whipstitching engulfing the heel and toe strap. I can easily picture myself in these wedges wearing a great pair of shorts and a lightweight off-the-shoulder sweater, I’ve chosen to accessorize with a select choice of chunky jewelry. I am holding a delicious mixed drink in my hand and throwing my head back in throaty laughter at a witty remark someone made during a summer evening soirée. Unfortunately, I can just as easily see myself screaming in horror (in slow motion) as said drink is “accidentally” knocked from my hand (in slow motion), causing a very ugly spattering of liquor spots and splash marks on my classically understated, light grey suede, $1,025 Alexander McQueen wedges, that I have become abnormally attached to since time of purchase. I wonder if these shoes come with a lifetime guarantee or a “magical cleaning genie” who pops out of a hidden back door of the wedge specifically for these types of messy encounters. Even if the price of this shoe did not leave a dent in my wallet, I would always be apprehensive while wearing, and might possibly have to request an electric shock fence be installed around my feet for every outing.

Purchase yours here, if you dare . . .

I’m Just Plain Old Obsessed with: ________________________

Emilio Pucci’s multi-stone brass ring. This beautiful conglomeration mixes turquoise, jade green, blue lapiz and smokey quartz for an exotic cocktail of boldness. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Purchase here.

The Worn Identity: Kid’s Birthday Party

Destination: Kid's Birthday Party . . .

This weekend my daughter was invited to her best friend’s birthday party. It rained on Saturday, but the sun finally peeked it’s head through the clouds and blessed us with some warmth and rays. It was a great party, I met a lot of other great mom’s and the kids had a “Cupcake Wars” showdown! They each decorated 4 cupcakes. Shout out to Kim & Mike for baking 100 cupcakes for the party (and they are still happily married!!)

What did you do this weekend?

Mood Board Mondays: It’s a Rainy Monday Morning

Good Morning friends! It’s Monday, the start of a new week. It’s raining here in Southern Cali, I’m getting dressed to go drop the biscuits off at school. This board is my inspiration for today’s outfit. Hope you all have a fantastic day!!! xo

Julia Sarr-Jamois for Tibi Spring 2012

I know I just posted on my love of Julia, but I could not resist her new editorial for Tibi Resort ’12. Gorgeously Cool!!!!

Instantaneous Obsession: David Yurman Cordelia Necklace

As you have probably heard me mention before, I am obsessed with chunky jewelry. I love the dainty stuff too, but I always tend to lean more towards substantial pieces. This sterling silver beauty is the 18″ Cordelia Necklace by David Yurman. Coming in at $1,950.00, it is slightly out of my price range, yet I think I could summons my DIY skills to create a similar look that could hold me over . . . .

What do you think?