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Instantaneous Obsession: Nicholas Kirkwood Patent Leather & Satin Sandals

I would love to throw these on with a pair of black skinnies and a killer off-the-shoulder top . . . . A great printed skirt, a tank and layers of jewelry would look great with these shoes as well. I could do so much with these!!! It makes my mind race!!

purchase here.


Instantaneous Obsession: Bottega Veneta Nude Sunset Sandals . . . Love!!!

Utilitarian buckles and nude straps are wonderfully complemented by a sunshine yellow footbed and heel. This shoe could effortlessly take me through the summer with a smile on my face!

$760 here


Umm, seafoam green + black + white + gold . . . Match made in heaven!!!

Derek Lam Bristol Wedge $850 here.

Foot Fiesta!!!!

Brian Atwood Claudia embroidered suede pumps, $2,115 here.

Brian Atwood African Satin Fringed Crochet Sandals . . . I Likey.

Brian Atwood’s fringed crochet sandals are exquisite! I would love to add these to my wardrobe. I can just imagine the way the fringe moves when you walk. Sexy. And. Elegant.

Purchase here.

Impractically Pretty . . .

For all it’s understated beauty and classic simplicity, this succulent wedge is probably the most impractical shoe I have posted as of yet. (I am classifying yesterday’s wooden wedge as artwork, not footwork). I love the crispness of this shoe, as well as it’s shape and the beautiful detail of the whipstitching engulfing the heel and toe strap. I can easily picture myself in these wedges wearing a great pair of shorts and a lightweight off-the-shoulder sweater, I’ve chosen to accessorize with a select choice of chunky jewelry. I am holding a delicious mixed drink in my hand and throwing my head back in throaty laughter at a witty remark someone made during a summer evening soirĂ©e. Unfortunately, I can just as easily see myself screaming in horror (in slow motion) as said drink is “accidentally” knocked from my hand (in slow motion), causing a very ugly spattering of liquor spots and splash marks on my classically understated, light grey suede, $1,025 Alexander McQueen wedges, that I have become abnormally attached to since time of purchase. I wonder if these shoes come with a lifetime guarantee or a “magical cleaning genie” who pops out of a hidden back door of the wedge specifically for these types of messy encounters. Even if the price of this shoe did not leave a dent in my wallet, I would always be apprehensive while wearing, and might possibly have to request an electric shock fence be installed around my feet for every outing.

Purchase yours here, if you dare . . .

Instantaneous Obsession: YSL Leather & Stingray Sandals . . . OMG!!!

Okay, so I realize that my “Instantaneous Obsession” posts on shoes, as of late, have ALL been platform heels. I do have a strange obsession for platform heels, although I personally own very few pair. (I battle with the idea of appearing gargantuan to the rest of the world by adding 5″ of shoe to my existing height of 5′ 11″). I LOVE wearing heels, but it seems that lately, many designers are falsely taken with the idea of “the higher, the better.” I agree, higher heels may look sexier on some styles, but at this stage in my life, practicality tends to win out over the appeal of aching arches and sore feet. I refuse to let go of my heels, and the way they make me feel, but I just wish designers would consider making the same fab shoes with about 2″ less heel. Nevertheless, these stingray and leather sandals from Yves Saint Laurent are a platform-lovin’-girl’s-dream-come-true! I think this shoe is a well executed, elegant combination of textures and spot-on classic color. This is a shoe I would endure the pain for.

You can purchase these babies here.

Instantaneous Obsession: Lanvin Leather & Raffia Sandals: LOVE!!!!

These gorgeous platforms beautifully combine the natural textures of raffia, grosgrain and leather. Throw in the chain trim and these babies have just the edge and sophistication to cause passerby to do a double take. I. AM. IN. LOVE. Purchase them here.

Instantaneous Obsession: Jimmy Choo Samos Patent Sandal

I have a great fondness for wooden heels. I think they are a thing of beauty. Perhaps it’s the fact that I am a child of the 70’s, but wood + a platform heel = urban elegance in my book. These Jimmy Choo Samos sandals combine patent leather, suede, wood and cork, a heavenly combination of textures materials and colors. Purchase them here.