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Autumn Dreams . . .

Nykhor Paul captured by Gabor Szantai.

It is a sweltering 93 degrees today, but looking at this picture makes me want to throw on my cool weather gear!!! I can almost feel a hint of chill in the air!!!

Absolutely gorgeous. . . .

This image has some of my favorite colors in it, gold, rust, green, deep red & brown. I love the way it has managed to capture the warmth of Autumn’s colors, as well as the coolness that Autumn brings. (We can thank the almost-bare tree limbs and leaf-carpeted grass for that!) It totally exudes the essence of Fall, from the leaves on the ground to the sepia tint of the image . . . Not to mention how fantabulous Nykhor looks in that dress!!!!. . . . I LOVE IT!!!

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Chartreuse Angel . . .


Texture Principles . . .

Just a few things that are inspiring me right now . . .

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