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Instantaneous Obsession: K. Barteski Poster

I love typography and the beauty of written words. When I came across this poster I knew I would have to have one of my very own. Kal is an award-winning¬†illustrator and graphic designer who works in various mediums. This particular poster is 16 x 20, and comes numbered and signed. Best of all the words in this poster speak to the beauty in all of us. See more of Kal’s beautiful work here.

Great words to start off a weekend with, don’t you think? Happy Friday Everyone! xo


Mood Board Mondays: Me in Pictures . . .

Oh Happy Day!!! Tomorrow I will be 40! I feel like I am still 25!!! Here’s to giving thanks for another year of life, filled with possibilities and promise. I began creating a mood board to post for Mood Board Monday’s (yes, I am a day late!) and I ended up with a “literal” Mood board, depicting how I am feeling on the eve of my 40th birthday! If I were to put these pictures into words that describe how I am feeling they would be: Happy, Sexy, Excited and Thankful!!! Thanks for celebrating life with me!!! ¬†xo

Me in Pictures . . .