Thankful Thursdays: Peace Amongst the Chaos

by thelookbookphilosophy

This is the last week before my final projects are due (on Monday). I am spending most of my time this week creating patterns and sewing a leather tote for my accessories design final. (I’ll post pics soon). I used to sew often, but it’s been some time now since I have sewn (6+ years). Once we introduced kids into the family, the sewing machine took a distant back seat. Needless to say, I am a little rusty. With rustiness comes apprehension . . . a slight anxiousness about the completion of my projects. I have been down this road enough to know that worry gets me nowhere. I used to be a really great worrier. Today, when I feel those familiar feelings of apprehension rising, I take a deep breath, speak the outcome I want to create, thank God for the opportunity to do what I am doing and ask that He bless the works of my hands. It works EVERY time.

How do you find peace amongst the chaos?